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Fun Time Fridays: Pleasure to Meet You

Fun Time Fridays will be a regular Friday post you’ll see from me.  It’ll be a little bit weekly recap, a little bit of linkage around the Saddlesphere (what I just dubbed the collection of Flames blogs), and a lot of bit of a Flames weekend drinking game.  Why do this on Fridays?  Because I’m sure as hell not writing on Saturday or Sunday.

Since last Friday…

…the Flames have lost their 7th, 8th, and 9th games in a row.

…Mikael Backlund scored his first career NHL goal.

…Dion Phaneuf has been linked in 5 million trade rumors with the Rangers, Thrashers, Bruins, and pretty much every other team in the league.

…The Flames scored an average of 1.67 goals a game

…#yyc4haiti was (theoretically) awesome.  Granted, I live in Boston so it’s not like I attended or anything

…Phaneuf and Iginla led the team in SOG, with 11 each over the week

…in his second game with the big kids this season, Mikael Backlund led the team in SOG, with 4.

Since last Friday (league-wide edition)…

…the Oilers lost their 11th and 12th straight games (thank god)

…the Caps scored an average of 5.3 goals a game while holding opponents to 1.67 goals per game (the rate we’re scoring at, horribly enough)

…one of the 5 goals allowed by the Capitals over the past three games was to Rob Schremp, his 6th of the season

…a Rangers fan has gotten tired of his GM destroying his franchise by trading away all futures and signing overrated players to absurd contracts and has decided to host a “Fire Glen Sather” rally

…someone took cellphone photos of athletes doing things normal people do like hanging out with cute girls and riding in limos and drinking beers (someone thought it was news I guess)

Since last Friday (Saddlesphere edition)…

…Hit The Post, in an admittedly nerdy post, describes the Flames as a “Wicked Problem”

…Join The Rush illustrates the current Flames with Thomas the Tank Engine (seriously Hayley, you have no idea how much that made me laugh)

…Dome Beers, despite a sweet name, established itself as a pretty horribly informed blog.  I’m sorry, but when I write a post, even if it’s just snark, I do goddamn research.  I spent hours looking at our drafts last night.  Purely because I wanted to make one joke.  But Dome Beers can’t even look up the Rangers roster?  Jesus.  Effort man, effort.

…TLP makes a fantastic Bride of Frankenstein reference on Flames Nation


Your weekend Flames drinking game:

Drink during the Flames/Oilers game when…

…Dion misses a shot high and wide

…you think to yourself “how is Giordano the underpaid defenseman?”

…Iginla looks confused or hesitant on the ice

…Regehr tries to be intimidating again but can’t because he’s forgotten how

…Kiprusoff bails the team out on a Sam Gagner breakaway

…alternatively, Gagner gets a breakaway but hilariously enough puts the puck into Kippers chest with out Miika even trying

…Borque takes a terrible penalty

…the combined 21 game losing streak is mentioned on the broadcast

That’s all folks, if you don’t have a hangover on Sunday morning, you’re either a machine or the Flames had a fantastic game.  My money’s on the former.

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  1. January 29, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Hey Arik,

    I somewhat accidentally went by the yyc4haiti event last night and it was pretty good. I was actually attending a dinner function down the street, and since the game was on pay-per-view, figured I’d slip into Flames Central midway through the second to catch the end of the game. I say “somewhat” accidentally, because I had heard about 4’ish that afternoon that this thing was happening. Anyway, tons of fire-and-ice girls, lots of stuff for auction (a signed Malkin jersey went for $450 and a Henry Burris Stampeders jersey for $775), loads of prizes and craploads of people in attendance spending money. Too bad the game finished on the wrong side of the ledger.

    If you are ever in Calgary, you have to check out Flames Central. Cheesy, maybe, but definitely a temple to the team that’s open even in the off season.

  2. tobes
    January 30, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    ps: mikeH wrote the nerdy entry over at htp. you can tell cause he insists on using CAPS and i refuse. plus i would never write something that smart. just sayin’…. 🙂

  1. February 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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