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The Terrible Flames Team That Could’ve Been (That could also sadly probably beat this one)

I know, I missed out on the “all-decade” lists that dominated the last few months of 2009, but this is original dammit.  Let’s face it, our drafting since 2001 has sucked.  Hard.  We’ve had how many 1st rounders make the big show on a full time basis?  3.  And that’s counting Nystrom.

Yet, right as I type this, we’re on an 8 game losing streak.  My point?  A team made entirely of our draft picks could beat the pile of crap Sutter 1 and Sutter 2 are putting out there.  So here’s my proposed all Flames 2000’s draft pick team that could beat the 09-10 Flames.


1st Line: The Semi-Proven Commodities Line (as in they might score a goal and won’t look hopeless)

C- Matthew Lombardi: Sad.  The year after we give up on him, he’s ahead of ever Flame except 2 in points.

LW- Eric Nystrom: He’s not a liability?  Hooray!

RW- Chuck Kobasew: Oh Chuckie, aside from Phaneuf you are our most successful pick.  You and your 154 points in 8 years from being drafted.

2nd Line: The “We Aren’t Mostly Terrible On NHL Ice” line

C- Dustin Boyd: Every so often someone thinks “Hey, he could be good.”  Then they remember he was drafted in 04, and has 54 career points in the NHL.  He just never fits, but never fails either.

LW-  Brandon Prust: Okay, he has 133 PIM and 8 points.  But he’s the only other LW we’ve drafted since 2001 who’s played a game.  Think about it.

RW- David Moss: He’s not that bad.  If it wasn’t for Kobasew, he’d be on the first line.  Besides, there was that one game against the Sharks last year that gave him the nickname Mossnster.  Thanks for that Kent.

3rd Line: The “People Still Act Like We Have Promising Futures Even Though We’re Flames Prospects” Line (admittedly the name needs some work)

C- Mikael Backlund: Despite lackluster stats, people are still hopeful for him.  Or something.  Sure, he gets called up and doesn’t even get 10 minutes of playing time.  But he’s SWEDISH man.  And he wears capris.  At least according to Hit The Post.

LW- Ryan Howse: Mostly because nobody else fits.  At all.  Because we draft almost no left wingers.

RW- Henrik Bjorklund: Did you know we’ve only drafted 1 RW in the first 4 rounds since 2005?  Yeah.  I had to pick between this kid and JD Watt.  I figured the least time the Flames spend developing someone, the better.

4th Line: The Enforcing Line

C- Dan Ryder: Cards on the table, I wrote this article just for the chance to put Armed Robber Dan Ryder here.  I mean, if you were on the ice and you saw a guy who once held up a convenience store coming after you, you’d goddamn hightail it outtathere.

LW- Nick Larson: He had lots of PIMs in junior.  That’s all I got.

RW- David Van Der Gulik: We don’t draft a lot of RWs either.


1st Pairing

Phaneuf/Pardy: This isn’t horrible.  Not as great as a Johnson/Pardy, but we didn’t draft Johnson.

2nd Pairing

Negrin/Pelech: Much like the 3rd line, we haven’t ruined their potential yet.

3rd Pairing

Ramholt/Erixon: I like this pairing since they could be Tim Squared.  Or something.

Horrible realizations from writing this:

You know what I just discovered doing research for a blog post? Of draft picks since 1993, yes, 1993, only 2 players drafted by the Flames have scored more career points than Phaneuf:
1. Jarrett Stoll (2000/2002): he ended up being re-drafted two years later, is a forward, and is still barely ahead of Dion in career points
2. Derek Morris (1996): seven more years since being drafted, and only 134 more points than Dion.

  • Hey- second horrifying draft stat: post lock-out, we’ve drafted more C’s than LW’s and RW’s combined. (16-12)

    What makes this stat worse: Half of the centers were taken in the first 3 rounds while only 3 wingers were.  2/3 of those wingers were taken in 2004.

  1. January 29, 2010 at 5:22 am

    I’m a terrible person, I laughed way too hard at that Ryder bit.

    Our draft picks over the past decade include a handful of busts, Dion Phaneuf, a few “maybes”, and an armed robber.

    • Arik
      January 29, 2010 at 9:19 am

      The question I have is, is it the scouting or the development? I don’t really know if we’ll ever find out.

  1. January 30, 2010 at 11:51 pm

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