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Flames Trade Day: Instant Reaction (And six Sutter lies)

So, I really wanted the Flames to sell this deadline.  Really.

But this…I’ve had 24 hours to process it and I still don’t know what to think.  It’s no secret I’m not a Phaneuf fan.  A lot of people remained optimistic about him still having Norris upside, but frankly, his game is nowhere complete enough to ever be the defender we hoped for.  If he plays defensively, he doesn’t hit or have shots hit the net.  If he plays offensively, he’s a giant liability.  Also, he’s apparently locker room poison.

So we sell him and pick up Hagman, Stajan, and White, 3 young(ish) guys with- get this- offensive talent.  Also some other guy who probably won’t play that much and who I’m pretending doesn’t exist.

So why am I confused?  Because I’m not used to the Flames trading FOR someone with offensive ability.  What’s going on?  Is Daz secretly being forced to do this by Brent?  Are robots involved?  I sure hope so!

ROBOTS!The real news of this trade, and just as importantly, the Jokinen almost-trade, is that Darryl Sutter has shown his hand.  It has veins.

Last summer he said he wouldn’t go after Bouwmeester.  And he did.  This year, he said he wasn’t shopping Phaneuf, and yet he was.  He also said he wanted to resign Jokinen before free agency, clearly not the case.  So what else has he said recently that is almost definitely a lie?

1. At dinner, 2 weeks ago: “Honey, this salad is delicious, I could eat it every night this week!”

2. Talking to Jim Playfair, coach of the Abbotsford Heat, on the phone, one week ago: “Hey Jim, you’re doing a fantastic job developing our young talent down there.  Incidentally, Leland Irving is going down to the ECHL and Mikael Backlund is getting called up to the NHL.  But great job developing Jim!”

3. Kindergarten, age 5: “I don’t like trains!”

4. Congressional hearing, 1998: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” EDIT: I have been informed that this was not Darryl Sutter.  I saw it was a famous lie, and thus assumed Daz.  This means Darryl Sutter probably didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

5. Burger King in Chicago, age 26: “I don’t like trains!”

6. To the Calgary Sun, last week: (Kovalchuk’s) a star player who is unrestricted next year, so you’d have to give up players under contract for a guy who isn’t — I don’t think that’s a move that’s in the best interest of the organization,”

Any other famous Darryl Sutter quotes?

On a side note, Hayley from the fantastic Flames blog Join The Rush and myself will be collaborating on a post that we’ll somehow share between our sites this week.  It’ll be good.

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