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A Stat Look at Ales Kotalik

First of 2 parts (the second is about what this says about Sutter)

So, as far as anyone can tell right now, Kotalik is here to stay. For 2 more years. At $3M a year. So what does he bring to the Flames table, that admittedly has too many chairs pulled up to it? Short answer: Not much. Long answer: Absolutely goddamn nothing. His stats this year are atrocious. Just godawful.

According to Behind The Net he:

  • Faced the worst quality of competition on the Rangers: -0.109
  • Had the worst GFON/60 (Goals For For Every 60 Minutes On the Ice) on the Rangers: 1.45.
  • Had the worst GAON/60 (Goals Against For Every 60 Minutes On the Ice, i.e. the opposite of GFON/60) on the Rangers: 3.42
  • In fact, that GAON/60 is now the worst on the Flames. The second worst? Hagman, who plays real competition (0.002), has (by far) the highest GFON/60 (3.19) (for the record, the pre-trade Flame with the highest GFON/60 was Rene Bourque at 2.81).

So yeah, this is a collection of stats. What do they tell us?

Of both Rangers and Flames, he has faced the worst competition. Like, awful. And yet he can’t outscore them, in fact gets outscored by them in a ridiculous fashion.  He and Hagman have been scored on more than any Flames player, but look at who they had behind them in net:

Kotalik: Henrik Lundqvist, .920 SV% and 2.39 GAA.  Regardless of how you view basic goaltender stats, whether it reflects the team or the goalie, not a lot of goals are going in the NYR net.  Except when Kotalik is on the ice.

Hagman: Jonas Gustavsson/Vesa Toskala, .887 SV% and 3.39 GAA.  Something on stunk on ice in TOR.  And no, Hagman did not have the worst GAON/60 in TOR.  Jeff Finger had a GAON/60 of 3.98.  Granted, he’s still in the upper half, but he’s also playing against real NHLers.  With…that thing in the net behind him.  I promise his GAON/60 will go down from here.

So, what have we learned?  This Jokinen trade is quite frankly, terrible.  Horrendous.  Granted, I’m ignoring Higgins, but really, Kotalik is not a good (or even okay) NHL player this year.  And I don’t see that changing with the Flames, a team he didn’t even want to go to.

So unless Shifty Sutter (Darryl) has something coming soon, the Kotalik acquisition will rank as one of the worst trades for the Flames post-lockout.  And that’s ignoring how it happened.

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