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Trade Deadline Reaction: The Dead Is Almost Literal This Year

I think Shifty Sutter may have killed off all remaining support by trading for Steve Staios.  And trading Dustin Boyd (who was serviceable) for a 4th round pick.  And trading McElhinney for another former Leaf.

Seriously though, is he trying to lose his job?  This is just awful.  Terrible.  What did we need solved today?

1. Cap space issues for the future.

2. We have way too many forwards.

3. We needed a legitimate backup.

And what did we actually fix?

1. We got rid of McE’s MASSIVE salary for next year.  And by massive I mean negligible.  We also added a $2.7M d-man in Staios who’s signed for next year.  So no, no we did not free up cap space for any decent acquisitions this summer.

2. We traded Dustin Boyd for a pick.  Yay…now instead of 16 forwards we only have 15 forwards!  What a solution Daz!

3. So remember that guy who let in a rink long shot?  That guy that every Leaf fan hates?  He’s only been the butt of every Leafs joke this year.  Remember how he was a throw-in in the Jason Blake trade?  We actively traded for him.

In summary, here is a list of 5 people I think would’ve done a better job than Sutter today:

1. Doug MacLean

2. That one guy who makes those low budget car commercials

3. Any random Oilers fan.

4. John Ferguson Jr.

5. Eklund.

I need alcohol.  I’ll see you post-hangover.

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