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Looking Back at Yesterday: Yes, it’s still awful

So remember how much I hated what we did yesterday?  Well, 7 drinks, a huge hotdog, a Dunkin’ Donuts waffle breakfast sandwich with a Dunkaccino and 24 hours to think about it, my opinion remains the same.

It boggles my mind how awful this year has been for the Flames.  Did Ken King kill a puppy and this is karma?  Did Jarome Iginla build a house over a Native Canadian (that’s what they’re called right? If not, don’t correct me) burial ground? Does someone on the Flames enjoy George Michael?

Whatever the cause is, it’s killing the team.  It starts with a losing streak that ends in a trade that’s pretty alright for the Flames, the Phaneuf trade.  But then there’s the nonsensical Kotalik/Jokinen trade.  And then the re-signings.  And then the GREAT TRADE DEADLINE TRAVESTY.

Remember how I was complaining in the Matt Stajan post about how we have no money for a difference maker in the off-season?  Yeah, doubly so now.  Staios took another 2.7M away.

Look, I’ve played sports.  Lots of them.  I’ve played soccer, volleyball (AAA bitches, try and get a kill on this fool), ultimate frisbee, basketball, tennis, and so on.  I know all about “character” in locker rooms.  As as far as I’m concerned, it’s 90% bullshit.  Look, having a leader or two is good.  Not having assholes is better.  But if you have a captain who has captain qualities, as everyone swears Iggy does, and Connie does, and Reggie does, trading for Staios doesn’t fix a damn thing.

“Character” is not cumulative.  This is not some nerd game with fancy dice and yelling “I have more charm than you!” while stuffing cold pizza and Mountain Dew down their throats.

2.7M for character is shit.  Sorry Darryl.  This was a horrible move.  The only reason I can fathom him making this trade is either

a) He’s lost faith in the core of “leaders” in which case they should be stripped of the C and As


b) He hasn’t been part of the locker room in so long he forgot how it functions.  It’s like ordering supplies for an Italian restaurant and thinking, “Hm, they make sandwiches, right?  I’ll order them some Wonderbread.”

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