Fun Time Fridays: Temporarily Renamed

Because this was a horrible week to be a Flames fan (I’m still mad about THE GREAT TRADE DEADLINE TRAVESTY as well as the 4-0 loss) Fun Time Fridays is being temporarily renamed F You Friday, in honor of Achewood.

So, here we go:

F you (Flames Centric)…

…Darryl Sutter for trading our earliest draft pick next year.  I mean, sure you have lots of time to think about the 4th rounders you’ll waste, but was it worth it?

…Calgary Flames for getting shutout in an embarrassing fashion.

…Darryl Sutter for trading with the Oilers (and getting fleeced no less- the pick should’ve been coming TO us)

…Steve Tambellini for enabling Darryl Sutter to trade with you.  But good job on ruining the Oilers at least.

F You (League-Wide edition)…

…Phoenix for stealing Wolski for almost nothing while we trade crap for more crap.

…every team that scored a goal this week

…Gary Bettman for making us go from no trapezoid, no touch icing, and awesome hockey all around to having to watch players killing themselves chasing after the puck while the goalie just watches impotently

…Lapierre for such an awful hit on Nichol last night

…refs in that game who didn’t do shit about that hit either.

Thank You (There’s always positive things, I think)…

…Greg Wyshynski for quoting this lovely blog on Puck Daddy

Canada/America for such a fantastic game last Sunday

…beautiful girl who I’m going on a date with tonight for, well, going on a date with me.

…boss, for letting me drive a GV today


Your Flames weekend drinking game

Drink when…

…Steve Staios looks awful

…You hate what’s happened to our cap and draft picks

…You look for something positive and end up sobbing into your drink

…You realize your drink is salty from tears of both sadness and shame

I bid you adieu for the weekend (barring any major events)

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