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Awesome job, Brent!

(So that mailbag? Yeah, it’s being delayed while I pawn my rage off on my computer. You can still send questions to justin.azevedo20(at)gmail.com.)

Usually when teams are in a playoff race, they are supposed to show some kind of desperation. Desperation is not spelled “Vesa Toskala”. I understand why you started him, Brent-you think that there is no way in hell you are missing the playoffs, so you want to rest Kipper for the run. And while it’s fine to think like that, you also have to realize that you are in 9th place and you have to do everything you can to get this weak-sauce team into the post season. It’s not all your fault. I understand that Darryl made awful trades in order to get you the roster you have now, but this is still a playoff roster. The sum of these parts (no matter how small those parts may be) makes up a playoff team.

But you have made mistake after mistake after mistake. Multiple times, in multiple situations, you put the 4th line on after an icing call when the other team’s tired 4th line is out there. You played Olli Jokinen and Iggy together for 50 games, and you used them against the toughest competition. Then you wondered why they weren’t playing up to their salary. I’ll tell you why-because Olli Jokinen’s only offensive move was the “rape face”; and Iggy has carried this team for 10 years, so the days of him being able to do it by himself are over.

Brent, I know you will never read this, but if it somehow makes your way to you, heed this advice: stop being such a moron and use your assistant coaches. I know 2 of them and have met a 3rd multiple times, and they are all very smart and have immense hockey knowledge. In addition, forget how much you are paying each of these guys and put them in a position to succeed, not to fail. I, and many other Flames fans for that matter, would rather see Steve Staios and Cory Sarich go up against the opposing team’s fourth lines then to have them in positions where their salary makes sense. Ditto for Kotalik, and sadly, Hagman.

(I never thought I would say this, but I would rather be paying Jamal Mayers that 3 million dollar salary that Ales Kotalik right now. Jamal is producing, both with his fists and his stick. Kotalik sucks on toast.)

Well, try to suck less and good luck down the way.

(Edited @ 545 for Grammar.)

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