4th Line Blog Award Nominees

It’s that time of year when everyone is making their award winner predictions. Obviously some awards need no prediction, like most points or most goals. But most are subjective, and we’re making our Northwest Nominee Picks today.

Now, to answer a simple question: why the Northwest? Well, doing just the Flames would be boring and a little depressing. Doing the NHL as a whole is overwhelming and overdone. So we’ll stick with who we know (and in the case of 4/5 teams, hate). What’s the format here? Justin and I are each picking a nominee from every team for every trophy. For the most part, that means there will be 5 nominees for each trophy, however if we differ on some, then there will be more. The picks made by just me will be in red, and the picks by just Justin will be in blue.

We’ll have one set of picks a day, with a little snark for each nominee (and the trophy itself).  Today we’ll start with the Jack Adams trophy nominees. Obviously, all nominees are unanimous.

1. Brent Sutter, Calgary Flames

Arik: Aaaahahahaha.  Ha.  I think Pat Quinn is a better nominee this year.  Hell, Wayne Gretzky last year would make a better pick, because at least he’s never started Toskala in a must-win situation. Or put out the 4th line after the other time iced the puck while we were down a goal with a minute left.

Justin: Wait, Brent has been putting out the fourth line on icings? Why was I not informed? He does realize that by definition the fourth line is the worst one, right? I would like to point out I nominated Dave Lowry for this award over Sutter. (ed. note: I didn’t actually read his nominations for Jack Adams, I just kinda assumed they were the 5 head coaches. You can vote for Lowry if you want.)

2. Joe Sacco, Colorado Avalanche

Arik: Wasn’t the kid that did the Herb Brooks impression named Sacco as well? Whatever.

Justin: He was, and I don’t understand how that kid did that. My sister is 4 and has the attention span of a hummingbird. Oh, yeah, awards. Um, he played Craig Anderson a lot? Good for him!

3. Alan Vin-something-french-ish, Vancouver Canucks

Arik: I’m pretty sure Alan is the most Canadian name in the world. Besides Robin. Also, this guy named his goalie captain. What kind of BS is that?

Justin: I thought his name was Alien? That would explain the absolutely insane opinions and viewpoints he has. Yeah, buddy. Calgary won in 04 on a bad call. The guy was bleeding, you moron.

4. Pat Quinn, Edmonton Oilers

Arik: You know what blew my mind when looking up Pat Quinn? He’s a former Flames captain. Granted, it was in the Atlanta days, but STILL. CRAZY. Also, I don’t think he’s even trying. Just look at his team. Would you try with that group?

Justin: Nope. However, I have no idea why Eberle isn’t playing with the big club yet. If that’s Quinn’s call, he screwed up pretty big. The kid needs experience before he leaves Edmonton after his contract expires.

5. Todd Richards, Minnesota Wild

Arik: I don’t think anyone has paid Mr. Richards a speck of attention this year after being sort of a wtf hire in the offseason. It’s like, the Wild let their best offensive player go then think, hey, maybe we should play an offensive style. With a guy who’s never been an NHL coach before.  Weird year.

Justin: To be fair, they did go out and sign the greasiest player in the league, one Martin Havlat. He then decided to shower in celebration and all of his production went out the window. 54 points and a -17? Good for him and his 5 million!

And those, folks, are your nominees for the 2010 Jack Adams. So how is the winner picked? You vote! Simply post your vote in the comments section, either anonymously or not- your call- and we’ll count it. Also, if you are a lady and voting, you must email Justin your votes with your phone number for…verification. (I love you Justin.)

  1. Justin Azevedo
    April 5, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I’m going with Sacco as the Adams winner, with a strong glove-tap to Craig Anderson.

  2. Arik
    April 5, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Sacco for me as well, though I almost voted for Mr. Richards for managing to not be horrible. It’s not like he has a good team other than Mikko Koivu and maybe that Latendresse dude.

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