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Casting Call! Charlie Conway

March 21, 2010 2 comments

This has been a dreamcrushing Sunday (if you actually bought into the idea that we were going to make the playoffs over last week) so I thought I’d cheer everyone up with a fun post!  Starting tonight I’ll cast the Calgary Flames as the characters of the Mighty Ducks, the greatest hockey film ever made.

Now due to lack of a number of characters, not everyone will get cast, deal with it.  Also the criteria for each character will be vastly different because screw you.  So the first character tonight is Mr. Craig Conroy as #96, Conway Twitty Charlie Conway.

#96, Charlie Conway

Now, I know it’s easy to think, “He’s the main character and captain, he’s gotta be Jarome Iginla/Ales Kotalik!” But no, not this time.  For one, he’s not the best player on the team, and for another, he’s a heart and soul guy who knows when to step back, just like Connie did when he gave the C to Iggy.

In D2, the  Ducks picked up another player as an injury replacement, but then Adam Banks came back and there were too many players to suit up.  So what does Charlie do?  He volunteers to not-dress out. Because he cares. That folks is leadership.

Also, Conroy will likely have the best post player career in a broadcast booth somewhere much like Joshua Jackson is one of two actors from those movies who actually has a career still.