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7 Questions of Interest and Intrigue! (As Named by the Esteemed Kent)

March 18, 2010 7 comments

The first true guest episode blog here is by Hit The Post’s walkinvisible. A lady with lots of Gio love, she’s definitely worth a read and regular visit at her place.

1.) Starting with the draft last year, and given what we knew at the time, would you have traded for Bouwmeester’s rights and signed him?

anybody who ever pays attention to knows that i can’t effin’ stand jordan leopold.  not to say he wasn’t good back in the day but now he’s a step behind and a total liability.  i had no problems with sutter picking him up on deadline day one year ago (we were bleeding defencemen and we got leopold for the proverbial sack of pucks —-i should say for ryan wilson, but we all know that a good prospect will never amount to anything here in calgary), and i had even less trouble with sutter sending him on to florida for the rights to an elite defenseman.  signing JayBouw was obviously a no-brainer and his contract seemed (at the time) decent value.

2.) How would you have drafted? Would you trade down so you could sign Brent Sutter? Or would you stick at the higher position and draft Schroeder?
i honestly believe brent was brought in to sort out dion, and thus i think darryl was doing the right thing.  WAY too early to tell on returns from 2009 but i really don’t think i would’ve picked up yet another effing defenseman.

3.) Would you have targeted anyone else in the offseason, or attempted to trade anyone else in the offseason?
dan boyle. anze kopitar. grant clitsome.  oh, you’re being SERIOUS ?  uh, i was pretty happy with freddan getting picked up and prust coming back, and i honestly believe daz did well in dumping the vandermeer/primeau deals [y’know, the contracts that he penned].  i probably would’ve gotten out of the olli deal earlier, if possible, and brought in a bonafide goalscorer. y’know, no biggie.

4.) Would you still make the Phaneuf trade? If no, would you trade him for something else? Would you trade him earlier or later or in the season?
100% i would have made the trade.  i would’ve preferred to trade him for boyle, kopitar, or clitsome (clitsome+, +, +) but, again, i presume you’re being serious….. market value on dion could not have been great, i presume he asked for a trade, and the team was on a 9 game losing streak…. ie: i like ian white, i’ve always liked stajan, and hagman is serviceable.  hell, i’d keep mayers on too if he took a pay cut.  if he was honestly happy in calgary and we spent those 9 games at 5-4, i would have held onto him till season’s end and dealt him before his NTC kicked in.

5.) If the Flames had a 9 game losing streak, what ritual would you perform to regain the favor of the hockey gods?
it would involve bertuzzi, goats, and lots and lots of blood.

6.) Two more left: Would you have been a buyer or seller at the trade deadline this year (given that the performance up til that point was exactly the same)?
seller.  carolina looks exciting for next year:  lots of room, lots of picks, and lots of UFA ‘canes in playoff cities….

7.) What is the best sort of puppy?
a cat that can do tricks.

(Editor’s note: kittens become cats and are clearly inferior to dogs and puppies. While I agree with walkinvisible on many points, she is clearly in the wrong here)


Regarding This Year

Arik, like he said below, has sent out some questions to Flames bloggers about this season so far. So as a tease of things to come, I will post my answers.

1.) Starting with the draft last year, and given what we knew at the time, would you have traded for Bouwmeester’s rights and signed him?

Yes. JBo has been paired with less-then-stellar d-men ever since he stepped on the ice. Gio is the only good d-man that can play with him while enabling the Flames to keep semi-competent pairs. (3-28, 5-4, 6-7.) The offensive side of the puck isn’t as much of an issue to me then to others simply because the players who are supposed to score are the forwards. If Bouwmeester can make that good first pass out of the zone, or a tactical dump in, and if either of those were lead to chances, that would be good enough for me.

Read more…

A Welcome and a Few Tidbits

March 15, 2010 1 comment

First off (and most importantly) give a nice welcome to new writer Justin Azevedo. You’ve probably seen him around the Saddlesphere commenting, and I’m glad to have him onboard, as he’s a solid writer who dislikes the Sutters as much as I do. Yes, those are my two qualifications.  Anyways, like I said, it’s good to have him here, and you should look forward to him posting this week .

On another note, look for some guest posts over the next few weeks, dealing with various blogger’s thoughts on the reign of Sutter this year. And puppies.

Finally, tonight is do or die for the Flames. Let’s hope it’s do.

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