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Vancouver Still Sucks!

April 2, 2010 1 comment

I really want to bring to light the excellent work our friend (ed: Justin is using the word “our” in the sense the Queen of Canada- you guys have a Queen, right?- uses the word “our”. It’s the royal “our”)(ed 2: Yep, still the actual leader of the country, although it’s more symbolic than anything. did a couple of days ago. It seems a fan from Vancouver, the douchebag-hipster capital of Canada, thinks that the Flames and their fans suck. Well, I would like to take another opportunity to spew hate at those assholes, and add a couple of points on to DB’s argument:

1. You have two of the most universally hated players in the game.

No one commands as much respect as Ryan Kesler (ed: screw you he’s an upstanding American hero among the likes of George Washington, Ulysses Grant, and Will Smith in Wild Wild West)(ed 2: I like most Americans. He’s still an asshole.)  and Alex Burrows do. Real class act, stand-up guys. They only play dirty, whine more than my 4-year-old sister, and fake injury on a regular basis (ed: quick correction, in 5 NHL seasons Kesler has only missed 2 games)(ed 2: he still fakes injury a ton.)

Check out this video:

The thing that pisses me off the most about them? They refuse to be accountable for their actions. They run and hide behind pylons like Rick Rypien and Darcy Hordichuk (ed: SCREW THOSE GUYS AMIRIGHT ) (ed 2: YA UR RIGHT) who collectively have less brain cells then the average embryo.

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A Brief Look at NTC’s/NMC’s

March 30, 2010 4 comments

A lot of talk around the Saddlesphere the past couple days has revolved around Jarome Iginla. Trades, captaincy, all of that good stuff. (In the interest of disclosure, Iggy has always been my favorite player and I will defend him to the death.) This then brought on a FanPost on Matchsticks and Gasoline from LawrenceS on trading Iggy. While it’s fun to debate about this stuff, the reality is that he has a large contract, which limits the amount of teams he can play for, and a NMC, which pretty much ensures he isn’t going anywhere. Rarely do players actually waive a NMC/NTC, especially when said player does not want to leave. With that, let’s look the Flames’ players with NTC’s and NMC’s:

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Pre-Emptive Post Game Post

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Since the game against the Blues tonight will either go one of two ways (win or lose), I figured I might as well write the post-game open letter(s).  One for each out come.  For those keeping track at home- it’s two.  Things written in bold are specifics that I can’t put in yet, as the game hasn’t happened, don’t worry, it’ll be an easy fill in the blank.

Version 1: Losing

Dear Calgary Flames,

Why did you have to continue this losing streak? I understand most of you are fringe NHLers, but that does not excuse losing to a team that still features Kariya and Tkachuk in the top 6.  When you allowed that breakaway in the X period to RANDOM BLUES PLAYER and didn’t even look interested in backchecking, I about cried.  OTHER RANDOM BLUES PLAYER‘s hat trick was just as soul crushing, especially since they’re (PROBABLY or DEFINITELY) not that good.  Poor Kiprusoff played his heart out, but you couldn’t even muster NUMBER LESS THAN 25 shots on goal or keep the goddamn Blues from putting REALLY BIG NUMBER THAT I CAN’T COUNT TO shots on our goal.

RANDOM FLAMES DEFENSEMAN really needs to look more interested in showing some actual toughness towards the opponents and not just your waterbottle when you sit down while RANDOM FLAMES FORWARD needs to actually shoot the puck at the net.  Team, I’m disappointed in you.  Oh, and RANDOM FLAMES FORWARD NAMED RENE BOURQUE, great game, as usual.



The 4th Line Blog

Version 2: Winning

Dear Calgary Flames,

I love you, but why do you keep doing this to me?  Sure, you snapped the losing streak.  But you did so while only scoring RANDOM NUMBER LESS THAN THREE goals, ONE OR BOTH of which was fluky.  Even in this win, which you act so confident about in the post-game press conference, you managed to look completely bored on the RANDOM SURFACE YOU PLAY ICE HOCKEY ON.

You allowed the Blues to outshoot you by RIDICULOUS NUMBER of shots, and were kept alive only by the miracle of having a good goalie.  Even the fact that the Blues started RANDOM MEDIOCRE BLUES GOALIE didn’t allow you to look like you were playing a good game.  RANDOM FLAMES FRINGE NHLER, please remember this is not the AHL.  Most players like playing here.  In summary, ENTIRE FLAMES TEAM NOT NAMED RENE BOURQUE, I appreciate the win, but I know it’s just a tease, please don’t toy with me like this.



The 4th Line Blog

PS Bourque, I love you.

October Predictions: EC Yo

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Right now, the day before opening night, everyone is making all kinds of crazy Stanley Cup “Predictions”.  Since I, on the other hand, will likely be on the beginning of a multi-month drunken haze by the end of October either due to Calgary sucking or Calgary being awesome, I’m going to predict standings at the beginning of my haze, the ones I’ll remember.  And after each little blurb, I’ll throw out a completely random and arbitrary guess about the end of their seasons based on complete fiction and possibly not relating to standings at all.

Eastern Conference

1. Montreal Canadians- They’ll have a nice hot start.  With speed and youth and who the hell am I kidding?  They’ll have a nice run in the beginning until distractions like, I dunno, living in goddamn Montreal, slow them down?

End of season diagnosis: 5.  No, not a standing.  Number of players with STDs from Montreal’s red light district.

2. Washington Capitals–  Ovechkin’s and Semin’s goals will far outnumber the missed backchecks by, well, everyone.

End of season bullshit: The Caps will be filling in for the Nats on days off when baseball season starts up again, and sadly still be better.

3. Buffalo Sabres- Ryan Miller will be healthy, Vanek will still be interested in playing, and Roy will win lots of face offs.

End of season bullshit: Vanek will score 43 goals in October and then promptly vanish on the ice so well that when he actually gets kidnapped nobody notices.

4. Philadelphia Flyers– Things will explode within days.  Goal totals, big hits, Danny Briere’s groin. No, this is not hyperbole.

End of season bullshit: Mike Richards on the other hand will have his shoulder fall off completely and still score at just over a point per game.  Surgery to reattach it at the end of October will fail and instead some crazy robot thing will be put in its place.  He’ll then be forever known as MECH RICHARDS.  Bad.  Ass.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins– The Stanley Cup hangover will be mild, they’re young and can still shake such things off with some ibuprofen.

End of season bullshit: In a shocking turn of events, Crosby will be revealed to be dull, Malkin interesting (yet nobody will notice) and Guerin old.  Also Yanni will be signed to a one way contract for reasons only known to Lemieux (hint: he owns every Yanni album ever made).

6. Atlanta Thrashers- Everyone will remember that this Kovalchuk guy is pretty good, now that he has a center and defensemen behind him.

End of season bullshit: GM Don Waddell will finally snap and trade every player on the team and promote the entire AHL squad.  Except Kovalchuk because “we’re not looking to rebuild right now”.  And despite all this, nobody in Atlanta will notice.

7. New York Rangers- Cliche, but such things are grounded in truth: this will be the one month Gaborik is healthy.  The one month Prospal contributes.  The one month people forget Brashear is grossly overpaid- if only because everything else is going great.

End of season bullshit: Gaborik will have a similar experience to MECH RICHARDS except having a metal groin will not make him awesome, just a major turn off to the ladies.

8. Boston Bruins– I just went to my first Bruins game (okay, so it was pre-season).  HOLY SHIT CHARA IS A BIG FREAKING DUDE


9. Florida Panthers- I have this great idea that the Florida Panthers will always be in either ninth or tenth place.

End of season bullshit: Next entry draft, in an attempt to drive up attendance, the Panthers draft Tim Tebow, making him the first NFL/NHL dual draftee.  He will sign with both the Jaguars and Panthers but end up playing for the Miami Heat.  No team gets any better, just poorer.

10. Carolina Hurricanes- Cam Ward will continue to kick ass, but nobody will notice.  All you’ll hear about in Canes coverage is “Oh, Eric Staal might reach his potential this year.”  And yet October will be super slow for him as usual.

End of season bullshit: Raleigh plans a NASCAR track/ice rink, after they realize the state has no other quality pro-sports.  Canes attendance will be the highest it’s ever been.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs- Brian Burke will be purely focusing on the Olympics, and while the Leafs are fun to watch, they will take a while to get rolling.


12. New York Islanders- John Tavares will score 34 points in October, but nobody else will contribute/be healthy.

End of season bullshit: Rick DiPietro will play a full season.

13. New Jersey Devils- Boring hockey, ugly state.  They’ll have to work at not scoring goals and not allowing them now that Jacques Lemaire’s in town.  Hey- beiing dull is hard work!

End of season bullshit: People get lost in trash mazes on their way to Devil’s games, driving attendance to an all-time low.

14. Ottawa Senators– Milan Michalek will have a great start to the season, Jonathan Cheechoo will get waived only to have nobody pick him up.

End of season reasonable expectation: Nobody will be able to write about them with referencing a certain player being traded.

15. Tampa Bay Lightning- Vinny will have a great start, but a lack of cohesiveness will prevent them from capitalizing on it.

End of season bullshit: The team uniforms will be styled after the Saw franchise, confused high school students will attend games baked out of their minds.