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Regarding This Year

Arik, like he said below, has sent out some questions to Flames bloggers about this season so far. So as a tease of things to come, I will post my answers.

1.) Starting with the draft last year, and given what we knew at the time, would you have traded for Bouwmeester’s rights and signed him?

Yes. JBo has been paired with less-then-stellar d-men ever since he stepped on the ice. Gio is the only good d-man that can play with him while enabling the Flames to keep semi-competent pairs. (3-28, 5-4, 6-7.) The offensive side of the puck isn’t as much of an issue to me then to others simply because the players who are supposed to score are the forwards. If Bouwmeester can make that good first pass out of the zone, or a tactical dump in, and if either of those were lead to chances, that would be good enough for me.

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